Why you should Try, Try, and Try again (it’s a good thing!)

Marketers tend to be high achievers, continually working to make things better. It’s in the job description, really. There’s just a tendency to find a good position in “the flow,” which Entrepreneur.com describes as the space between anxiety, frustration and boredom.

Do marketers ever feel these things? Sure, but those feelings often come when there’s an imbalance between your skill level and the difficultly of the challenge – for instance high skill and low difficulty leads to boredom, while the flip side leads to frustration.

Generally speaking, marketers tend to be able to overcome these imbalances. The thing is, marketing is designed to always present a new and interesting challenge. There’s always something new to try, a new technology to explore, a new test to run. That’s why marketers have the flow down pretty well.

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