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Show Yourself the Money: A Marketing Budget Calculator

marketing budget calculator

The human head weighs 8lbs.

We all remember Jerry McGuire. He got thrown under the bus and had to get scrappy to pull out the win. His only clientRod Tidwelllaid it all on the line. He had one, simple requirement for Jerry to remain his agent. “Show me the money.” 

Show them where the money goes

For all the complex, fiduciary tools at the bean counters’ fingertips, sometimes you just need something simple and to-the-point to help YOU visualize where the money goes—or could go. You could fire up Excel and custom build something yourselfor you could just download the one we’ve got, here, today. Hmm… what to do, what to do…

How it works

It’s a piece of cake. Take whatever numbers you’ve gotfixed, planned, dreamed aboutand start putting them into this calculator. The tricky math parts are done for you, resulting in a simple, easy-to-read budget.

How to get it

Click the download button, open the file in Excel, and start playing with it!


Download the guide today

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