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Eloqua vs. Marketo: What are the differences and benefits for marketers?

We do a lot of work with companies looking to transition from Eloqua to another marketing automation platform. With Eloqua deprecating their Salesforce native integration in early 2021, the requests have become more urgent. Given the typical size and use cases of Eloqua users, Marketo is often the winner for the system move. To help folks make an informed decision in the case of Marketo vs. Eloqua, we put together this quick one-sheeter.

After reviewing the head-to-head comparison, most marketing departments make the decision to switch. Most create the business case to support the move based on the simple fact that the investment to reconfigure the Eloqua-Salesforce connection would be equal to cost of implementing a new Marketo instance.

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Marketo vs. Eloqua

Marketo vs. Eloqua

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