The Cost of Running a Marketing Automation Team

Today, marketing automation is on the tip of every marketer’s tongue, it is one of the most powerful tools in any B2B marketer’s toolbox. Compared to traditional marketing strategies like direct mail, print advertising, or trade shows, email marketing costs less and drives a higher return. We’ve also seen the massive ROI returns that the powerful platforms like Marketo can yield. Many of those figures are based solely on the investment in the software – but what does it take to really run a bleeding edge digital marketing team? A team well versed in content, messaging, inbound, outbound, strategy, data, CRM… the list goes on and on. A quick Google search on the topic literally yields ZERO helpful results. We at LeadMD manage many aspects of the marketing operations and strategy processes for our clients so we see first hand all of the marketing skill sets it takes to form marketing Voltron. This infographic illustrates those high demand competencies and the costs associated with them. How does your team stack up?

View the full infographic in a new window here.

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