Adobe Acquires Marketo: A Collection of Expert Insights

Rumors and Lead Up

Leading up to the official announcement that Adobe had acquired Marketo, speculation was like…

Get it? “In full swing”

With Dreamforce18 the following week, would purchase the last great independent marketing automation firm? During LeadMD’s PR meeting the Tuesday before the announcement, we seriously considered releasing a speculative article about our bets on an acquirer.

But, we weren’t fast enough, because, on September 19, Twitter user @diecamps, AKA Pluralsight’s MA superstar, Diego Campos, was… we’re not sure, stalking Marketo executives? Or just extremely observant? Regardless, he posted:

How does Diego know this? Who cares!

How does Diego know this? Who cares!

And we retweeted, because we are about that Marketo M&A watch life. We also Tweeted CNBC’s article:

@myleadmd Shares CNBC Article on Twitter

@myleadmd Shares CNBC Article on Twitter

The Official Marketo Acquisition Announcement

And then, Marketo made their announcement. As quickly as our “Marketo M&A Watch” began, it ended. RIP.

Marketo Announces Adobe Acquisition

Marketo Announces Adobe Acquisition

Chatter around Marketo spiked and most of it, according to Talkwalker, was positive.

Talkwalker "Marketo" stats

Talkwalker “Marketo” stats

Resulting Commentary

Just a day later, LeadMD’s CEO, Justin Gray, was quickly providing opinions on the acquisition. We’re really opinionated about Marketo acquisitions. For our take on their acquisition of Bizible earlier in the year, click here.


AdWeek wrote about the acquisition in their article Adobe’s $4.75 Billion Purchase of Marketo Will Boast Its Ability to Compete with Salesforce.

Snippet from the article:

Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD, is a long-time partner of Marketo and offered his assessment of the pairing by claiming that Adobe’s stewardship could be a “shot in the arm” for Marketo as the b-to-b specialist had “fallen off from innovation pace” in recent years.

He said the pairing of Adobe’s creative tools suite along with the Marketo platform will let the b-to-b specialist extend its buyer engagement mission by better integrating into online buyer behavior via Adobe experience manager. “The true innovation potential, however, lies in the coupling of Marketo and Adobe’s AI product, Sensei, in order to make the powerful platform more accessible,” he added.


ClickZ’s take in their article By acquiring Marketo, Adobe moves beyond B2C focused on the B2B sector implications.

They too quoted Justin’s Sensei (we’re thinking about just calling him that in the future BTW) commentary and also:

“Acquisitions always look good from a strategic angle – that’s why companies get acquired,” says Justin Gray CEO and founder of LeadMD and Marketo’s very first Platinum Partner. “But Marketo has fallen off from innovation pace since its IPO, so this is an opportunity to give the platform and the engagement concept that drives it, a real shot in the arm.”


CMSWire came out with an X-List article. 10 Ways the Adobe, Marketo Acquisition Will Impact Marketo’s Users

This article includes some really interesting thoughts on the data implications, a potential Google conflict and other things, including Justin’s main takeaway:

Marketo Users ‘Dodged a Bullet’

Adobe, however, will prove to be a good thing for Marketo users, according to Justin Gray, CEO and founder of LeadMD, a Marketo partner, who thinks users “dodged a huge bullet” in the Adobe acquisition. “Up until the Adobe acquisition,” he said, “the front running suitor rumored to eyeing up the last of the great independent marketing automation vendors was SAP. SAP would be the kiss of death for Marketo and any semblance of innovation on the platform. Adobe is an innovative company with their sights on deepening their expertise in B2C and entering B2B with a bang — they did that with the announce of their intent to acquire Marketo.”

Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report covered the news and infused it with a few ideas from MarTech leaders in their article, Adobe to Acquire Marketo for $4.75 Billion.

“Marketo has fallen off from innovation pace since its IPO, so this is an opportunity to give the platform and the engagement concept that drives it, a real shot in the arm,” said Justin Gray, Founder and CEO of LeadMD. “Adobe currently owns the creative experience and this acquisition gives the Marketo platform the ability to extend its buyer engagement mission by better integrating into online buyer behavior via Adobe experience manager.”

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