Do you know how many results come up when you do a Google search, “What is marketing automation?” A measly 295,000,000 results. (Side note: That’s it? Come on, Google. Dig deeper!) 

But seriously, rather than directing you to that scary abyss, LeadMD’s Andrea Lechner-Becker has the answer to two of the most common questions in B2B marketing: what is marketing automation and does it actually work? Pull up a seat, friends. Let’s get The Tea:

Keep watching to find out:

  • Marketing automation (explained in a way we can actually understand) (1:24)
  • The 4 areas marketing automation helps with (2:14)
  • Where marketing automation has gotten off track (3:46)
  • Understanding marketing automation as a bell curve (7:11)
  • Shifting your understanding of what marketing automation offers (8:18)

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