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Wanna Rock Your Prospects? Steal These 3 ABM Campaign Tactics

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Get ready for what we consider the fun part of account-based marketing: campaign execution.

Killer! You get to take to the stage and see all of the sweat you put into your ABM strategy come alive in front of the crowd.

Know this: One of the key differences between account-based marketing and traditional demand generation is that marketing’s role is to deliver “always-on” campaigns to multiple stakeholders in the account. We like to call this marketing air cover. Why? Because it’s marketing’s job to deliver a payload of personalized messages across multiple, well coordinated channels. Or, to be a little bit more rock and roll, marketing’s job is to Rock the Casbah.

Campaign Execution Play Overview

The devil is always in the details!

Direct mail

Long since left for dead it turns out the mailer was just touring in Europe. Direct mail and tangible mailers are a vital tool resurrected in ABM. FedEx envelopes are a great pattern interrupt in this world of digital noise.

Why? Executives don’t register for webinars or white papers, nor do they respond to unsolicited email. Use this to your advantage.’

Targeted Outreach

Assign employees the responsibility for cultivating relationships with specific buyer personas at their target accounts. C-level to C-level outreach is an effective tactic for this.

Assign the CEO to the CEO or another C-level executive to his/her peer at the target account, and have the SDR follow up with the executive’s assistant to set the meeting up.

Then assign VPs, inside sales reps, and marketing to prospects. The goal is to try to match relevant employees with the prospect’s relevant employees.

Personalized Online Content

It’s critical that ABM programs deliver high conversion rates. Personalizing landing pages is one effective tactic for doing this. Marketo RTP allows you to serve up custom experiences that can make or break a deal. Y

ou can also leverage tools like Terminus to take that personalization off-site to serve up custom display advertising and re-targeting.

Not only are you able to track individual engagement and score it but you’re able to take a hyper-personalized approach.

Tool of Rock: Terminus

Terminus allows you to create engagement via microcampaigns meant to amplify the sales offer.

This rockin’ tool allows you to target your best-fit accounts by seamlessly integrating with Salesforce CRM to build segments of best-fit accounts. From there, choose your target personas from a database of more than 200 million B2B professionals to expand your reach to all relevant decision makers and influencers.

Terminus gives you the power to engage your target audience across all digital channels including mobile, social, display, and video. To serve up custom ads and stay top-of-mind, the tool integrates with more than 50 ad exchanges and enables you to engage decision makers on their terms.

It’s also the first platform to provide account level attribution across digital channels with bi directional Salesforce integration, allowing you to increase pipeline metrics from across all stages of the customer journey.

The Outcome

If you want to do something rare in this world of digitized noise: create 1:1 engagement. To your prospects, you want to be Bruce Springsteen pulling Courtney Cox on stage in the Dancing in the Dark video.

While the tactics and tools are endless, one thing reigns supreme in B2B: the relationship. You want all efforts, online and off, to work toward this goal.

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