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Rumor Mill: Monsters of Funnel “Reuniting” with a New Lineup?

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Fans thirsty for more killer B2B content may soon find themselves thirsty no more.

Rumors have begun to swirl that Monsters of Funnel, the hottest band in marketing, may be embarking on a “reunion” tour.

Several industry insiders forwarded along what appears to be a new Monsters of Funnel website, with a new logo and even the requisite ominous countdown. The site advertises an option to “Sign up for a Backstage Pass & VIP Updates” yet those exact benefits remain unconfirmed.

Could the Monsters really be returning to rock the B2B marketing world?

Named as one of the one of the hottest acts in B2B in 2015, the Monsters of Funnel debuted to face-melting success. Marketers loved the sweet sound of real talk on the changing ways of the demand funnel.

With the rise of account-based marketing, marketers have become less and less interested in volume and returning more to the roots of engagement.

When reached for comment, Monsters of Funnel front man Justin Gray offered only the following statement via email:

“While I won’t comment on any lineup or reunion at this time, I will say that it’s clear traditional demand gen has gone pop. If the Monsters of Funnel do, in fact, return, you can bet that we’ll be bringing the hard, account-based sound that fans are screaming for.”

It’s unclear exactly who would comprise a “next iteration” lineup for the Monsters but we do know the original MOF crew are all involved in very successful solo careers:

Jon Miller is “fishing with spears, not nets” at Engagio.

Jason Miller is rocking it with his podcast and generally killing it at LinkedIn.

Rosenberg is busy planning the TOPO Sales Summit, which you absolutely should attend.

Matt Heinz was last seen cranking out best practices by the boatload on this blog and smoking meats.

And Maria is busy driving the vital business process between buyer interest and the realization of revenue.

We’re following this story closely, so keep it tuned here as details emerge. In the meantime, you can still check out the Monsters of Funnel self-titled release by clicking here. It’s still the only eBook in B2B marketing that cranks all the way up to 11.

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