Conversational Marketing

Rich and relevant content engages buyers in dialogue… that’s conversational marketing.

Free your prospects to dine on the info [content] that is relevant to their needs, remove the sales representative peering over their shoulder – until the time is right. All the while, marketing tracks the behavior of the prospect and scores each movement. These movements occur online—through your website, email, or social media channels. All this activity adds up to interest, which drives the conversation further. Soon, your once-casual visitor will trip enough switches to indicate a desire to take the convo to the next level. They are passed seamlessly to sales as a qualified prospect through Salesforce integration.

Conversational marketing pre-screens leads and allows them to buy on the timeframe they define. It saves your organization time and money. Marketing can finally pin point the effectiveness of efforts on the bottom line.

Conversational Marketing Specifics

  • Behavior TrackingOpen the window into your buyer’s behavior via buyer tracking. How often, how in depth and with what content do they interact?
  • Web Activity MonitoringThe ability to monitor your site’s traffic takes lead tracking to the next level.
  • Custom Sales EmailsSales intelligence is fine and dandy, but what cranks real ROI is the ability to turn insight into action.
  • Segmenting & ListsGive sales the ability to become their own marketer—within your guidelines of course!


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