How do CRM and MA work together

You can’t have one without the other.

Marketing automation (MA) and customer relationship management (CRM) go hand in hand. So much so, in fact, that we won’t let you try to implement just one idea. They’re different tools, for different phases, aiming towards one goal: sales. Marketing automation builds interest. CRM deals with the engagement of that interest.


So why hire a consultant that only sees one side? That’s why all our employees are:

  • Marketo Blackbelts
  • Salesforce consultants
  • Marketing experts

Make Technology Do Your Biding

native-force-smYou can work natively inside Salesforce CRM. We support Marketo Sales Insight, which is a native solution that helps your sales department understand, prioritize, and interact with your hottest leads and opportunities. The result? You close more business, faster. Since it is a native app, it runs directly inside Salesforce CRM. No additional tools required.

  • Works the way Salesforce works
  • Pushes the latest info to Chatter feeds
  • Fast adoption with familiar user interface
  • Easy to install by any Salesforce admin

A 100% Native Solution

The Force Platform is the most proven platform for building enterprise applications that run in the Cloud. It currently runs all of the Salesforce CRM apps, powers over 150 million transactions per day, and is SAS70 Type 2, SysTrust, and ISO 27001 compliant. It integrates automatically with your existing salesforce security and authentication processes.

Salesforce Chatter Integration

Marketo Sales Insight augments your Salesforce Chatter feeds by adding status updates that summarize the interesting behaviors and online activity from leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. This information helps your sales professionals know who to contact next.

Together, Marketo Sales Insight and Salesforce Chatter enable you to be better prepared at every stage of the revenue cycle to deliver the right response to the right sales leads at the right time to ensure the right revenue results.


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