Lead Management

Put your lead qualification process on autopilot… a Gulfstream V autopilot.

Lead management software that supports lead scoring lets you automatically qualify leads and measure their interest and engagement in your products.

With a defined lead management methodology, you can:

  • Automate lead qualification processes so you can act on “hot” leads faster
  • Score leads using demographics and BANT attributes, as well as prospect behaviors
  • Track online activity to measure buying interest and sales-readiness
  • Improve sales follow-up by pushing only qualified leads to your sales staff
  • Decrease scores over time based on inactivity

Looking for Better Quality Leads?

Your marketing staff is eager to produce leads, but are they translating to revenue? Can too many of the wrong kinds of leads actually hurt your business? Absolutely. Leads that are outside your target area equate to wasted time.

Multiple studies from companies like Sirius Decisions, CSO Insights and Forrester regularly report that improving lead quality is at the top of the list for many demand generation efforts. The ability to increase TRULY qualified lead flow can translate to a 2x, 4x or even 6x increase to your bottom line.

Cut expenses and guide quality leads through your door. It’s what marketing automation is all about.


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