ABE Accelerators in Action: LeadMD Partners with Engagio to Expands Core Offering in Account Based Everything

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–(Marketwired – Jan 17, 2017) LeadMD is proud to announce an expanded partnership with leaders in the Account-Based Evolution, Engagio.

In addition to the expanded partnership, LeadMD & Engagio bring on a whole slew of new service offerings geared specifically to those organizations who have identified that ABM, or better yet, ABE is a must have revenue accelerator.

LeadMD will provide Engagio clients with services that include:

  • Engagio Implementation
  • Target Account Selection and Market Mapping
  • Buying Committee Segmentation and Playbooks
  • ABE Preparedness
  • ABE Tech Stack Curation
  • ABE Business Process and CRM Lifecycle
  • ABE Analytics and Key Optics


“Our customers are asking how ABE works with other solutions in their tech stack,” said Justin Gray CEO of LeadMD.

“Technology such as marketing automation still has its place in ABE. However, what used to be an email blast-centric strategy transitions into targeted marketing efforts in lock-step with sales and customer success. Buyer expectations continue to evolve and only those who can intimately connect with their target accounts and customers will survive.”

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Find out more about LeadMD services and ABE services packs, please follow this link. To learn more about Engagio, please visit www.engagio.com.


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