LeadMD Measures Marketing Automation Success for Clients

PHOENIX, Arizona. (March 8, 2012)— LeadMD, a marketing automation and CRM services company, for a 2011 Marketing Automation Benchmarking study, collected data from over 8,000 customer marketing programs implemented through the Marketo platform. These programs yielded more than $300 million in marketing-created, top-line revenue. After six months of lead management utilizing marketing automation, LeadMD customers saw an additional $10.2 Million in net new monthly revenue.

“Every year we like to look back and see the marketing automation success our customers realize by way of the data. LeadMD’s clients sent out over 500 million emails last year, but we wanted to know what those emails, combined with other marketing automation activities, equated to,” said Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD. “Now we have a benchmark and are excited to show other mid-market companies what can be achieved when a marketing automation program is implemented well. The Marketo platform is perfectly suited for this size customer.”

Of all LeadMD customers, a third involved Marketo’s complete Analytics Package Revenue Cycle Analytics – which speaks to the emphasis marketers are placing on measurable, repeatable results. A total of 20 percent of LeadMD’s clients were considered “dormant” on the Marketo platform at the time of engagement. Nearly all of them became active, progressive users within four months. The area LeadMD is seeing as most effective is lead nurturing. LeadMD customers that had launched at least 12 nurturing campaigns over an average of 24 weeks, saw an average lift in qualified leads of 76 percent.

LeadMD itself grew over 300 percent in 2011, and earlier this year announced its acquisition of Marketing Engine, a CRM services company that specializes in Salesforce.com. The acquisition allows LeadMD to provide a more comprehensive services offering to customers.

“The depth of Marketo’s capabilities is surprising, so we required a lot of expert guidance. LeadMD taught us how to use it to lift much of the burden of the marketing logic from our website, which makes us more nimble. Because of LeadMD, the way that we approach building marketing programs has changed fundamentally,” said Mark Forman, Online Marketing Director for Jefferson National.

LeadMD sees the marketing landscape changing rapidly and results like those shown in its collection of 2011 data are driving more businesses and marketers to embrace that change. The full 2011 marketing automation benchmarking will be available for download on the company website on March 15, 2012.

About LeadMD

LeadMD is a marketing services firm specializing in lead generation and marketing performance management. Founded in 2010, LeadMD is a full service marketing solution that helps SMBs make sense out of marketing automation and CRM. With deep expertise in Marketo, Salesforce integration, and in how to shape a strong working funnel, LeadMD can develop, streamline, and maximize any lead generation program. For more information, please visit www.leadmd.com. Find us on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo & YouTube.


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