LeadMD Launches Revenue Acceleration Framework to Help Organizations Achieve True Marketing ROI

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)LeadMD, the world’s leading Modern Marketing Firm, today announced the debut of its revenue acceleration framework (RAF) for existing clients and new customers. This move further solidifies the firm’s position as an innovative, strategic marketing and sales firm. The revenue acceleration framework helps align clients’ revenue goals with the right people, process and technology to achieve desired growth. The RAF begins by identifying the optimal go-to-market strategies based on business goals and progresses into layering on planning and tactics that integrate seamlessly to achieve optimal results.

“The old Ogilvy adage that 50 percent of spend is wasted, with businesses unsure of which 50 percent, is incredibly descriptive of the state of marketing today,” said Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD. “The only way to transform marketing from a cost center and into a profit center is to look at the picture holistically. This framework does just that. It allows us to empower our customers to understand the threaded dependencies that exist between strategy, planning and tactics, and to quickly prescribe the changes or enhancements that will produce the maximum yield. Marketing’s seat at the revenue table has been wobbly at best. The organizations we see embracing this framework are shoring up their role not only as participants but as true revenue predictors.”

In order to further help clients accelerate revenue growth and achieve success, LeadMD has made two strategic hires. JT Bricker was recently brought on board as the VP of Strategy to help formalize the firm’s emphasis on strategy, as well as to expand operations. His role centers on applying the RAF to clients’ businesses, using it to identify areas of improvement and align every aspect of the business around the right go-to-market strategy. JT’s background includes senior strategic sales and marketing positions. Additionally, Anati Zubia was selected as the company’s new VP of Marketing. Her role combines marketing best practices and data science to help clients achieve strategic objectives. Anati’s background includes senior management positions at high-growth SaaS companies.

“In order to get strong, accelerated growth, it’s not enough for businesses to do the right things; they also have to be done in the right order,” said JT Bricker, VP of Strategy at LeadMD. “With our revenue acceleration framework, we have a roadmap to use with our clients to help them get from point A to point B and beyond. By laying an optimal strategic foundation first, we ensure there’s a direct line to revenue once we plug in the right tactics and technology.”

On the heels of announcing this new service and making these strategic hires, LeadMD has also forged important partnerships in order to better serve clients. The recently inked deals with the following companies:

  • Bizible – As a result of the recent Marketo acquisition of Bizible, LeadMD further deepened its relationship with this best-in-class attribution provider. As a preferred of both partners, LeadMD can provide true end-to-end value for its customers, ensuring revenue performance accuracy and campaign predictability.
  • Uberflip – This partnership gives LeadMD the latitude to help clients better design content and ABM experiences while leveraging data integrations that both enable content personalization and ensure performance metrics for the purposes of data-driven decision making.
  • Showpad – Joining forces with Showpad allows customers to better leverage LeadMD created content and sales playbooks and achieve a high degree of sales and marketing alignment through Showpad’s enablement and buyer experience platform.

All of these partnerships, in conjunction with the RAF and new additions to management, further expand LeadMD’s capabilities and areas of expertise, delivering client engagements that are rich in results. To learn more, please visit https://www.leadmd.com/methodology

About LeadMD

LeadMD is the number one revenue acceleration firm in the U.S. Launched in 2009, LeadMD empowers marketers to create business impact. The company focuses on people, processes, and technology that create predictable and sustainable revenue operations for high growth and enterprise brands. LeadMD has helped thousands of marketing and sales teams improve and deliver value through strategy, technology, education and repeatable, proven tactics that work. For more information, visit https://www.leadmd.com or email at go@leadmd.com

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