Data is the Backbone of Buyer Engagement

Find new ways to turn data into opportunity — by opportunity we mean ROI. It’s a numbers game, and we know how to play it.

Our Solutions


If you ask 10 marketers about the state of their data, you'll get an uncommon level of consistency and agreement – marketing has a data problemPredictable decisions require great data and a top to bottom data curation strategy.

LeadMD has assembled a best-in-class data insights practice to support your go-to-market strategy. Beginning with Data Science to help you research and segment your target accounts and buyer personas, we couple those offerings with a best-in-class data operations stack.

Are YOU listening to the story your data is telling? Each year organizations waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on single-threaded solutions that solve for fractions of the problem. We take a holistic approach to not only data acquisition, but platform architecture, cleansing, hygiene, standardization and ultimately the creation of a reliable process for stewarding a single view of the customer/buyer.

Let’s do something uncommon together.

Our Framework

Our data science practice is founded on the belief that modern marketers need to be empowered by data intelligence. LeadMD uses our proven methodology to design data models to serve as the foundational layer integrating sound data intelligence across the organization's marketing strategy, planning, and tactics.

The Science of Success

AI and Predictive Marketing are all the rage, unfortunately, most are still embracing a quantity over quality mentality. At LeadMD, our Data Scientists crack the code of predictable revenue through a human-first approach, reliable data sources, insight collection strategies, and a scalable tech stack implementation to ensure you can keep your fingers on the pulse of your marketing performance. Start transforming the state of your data into an asset you can rely on.

  • Business Intelligence

    Tap into best-in-class data scientists for predictive and actionable business intelligence solutions to help drive strategic and operational decision making.

  • Data Planning

    Work closely with our experts to understand the value of your data and where to best tap into it to drive your marketing and sales strategy.

  • ICP and Target Market

    Countless hours and dollars are wasted every year marketing to people who will never be your customer. Unlock the secrets hidden in your data and shorten the fuse to revenue acceleration.

  • Churn Analysis

    Churn costs organizations three things: lost revenue, wasted marketing dollars and pressure on acquisition. Turn reactive pressure into a proactive plan.

  • Up-Sell / Cross-Sell Analysis

    Identify and prioritize likely up-sell, cross-sell and new business opportunities among customers and prospects to boost revenue acceleration.

  • Customer Health & Loyalty

    Start predicting revenue generated from existing customers and keep a pulse on customer happiness through customer success data science.