Maximize the value of your marketing talent.

We help organizations improve marketing performance through training, education, staff augmentation and digital knowledge hubs.

Our & Change Management Services


LeadMD can help breath new life into your marketing organization with our talent and change management offerings.

Our team of highly skilled consultants work with marketing leaders to build, sharpen and transform their marketing talent by shifting the mindset around performance, amplifying training and education resources, helping recruit marketing unicorns, and augmenting staffing gaps during points of transition.

Our Framework

Our talent management practice is founded on the belief that the right people are the central nervous system to a revenue growth organization. LeadMD uses our proven methodology to transform marketing departments from a struggling cost center into market leaders and top revenue producers.

Talent & Change Management Offerings

Investing in your people is critical to the success of your organization. At LeadMD, we believe our greatest assets are our talent, and we know the same thing is true for you. We've put together all the solutions believe are key to ensuring your talent is trained, informed, and enabled to generate high revenue performance. 

  • Organizational Objectives

    Define what objectives are for your go to market organization to align structure and role definitions to desired outcomes.

  • Cultural & Impact Analyst

    Align business process and data workflow strategies to the objectives of the organization.

  • Risk Assessment

    Determine what risk might present themselves during an organizational change or alignment.

  • Needs Assessment & Gap Analysis

    Assess what your organizational need are in implementing your strategies and identify existing gaps to needs.

  • Communication Strategy

    Strategize how, when, what and to whom you will communicate with through an organizational change or update.

  • Roles & Responsibilities

    Define what roles are needed and how their responsibilities align with those of the organization.

  • Talent Assessment

    Assess current talent strengths and gaps in regards to how they support the overarching strategy of the organization.

  • Communication Plan

    Create a playbook for the communication channels and tactics to be deployed to communicate effectively across the organization.

  • Risk Management

    Determine how risk will proactively be managed to ensure uninterrupted productivity and organizational effectiveness.

  • Activation

    Activate your talent whether in time of transition or steady state.

  • Recruiting & Selection Process

    Tailor your requiting and selection process to most effectively attract and select talent that best aligns with your strategies and objectives.

  • Training & Development

    Continuously train and develop talent to enable growth and skillsets that align with your organizational objectives.

  • Enablement

    Develop a treasure chest of tools and resources to enable talent aligned to the execution of revenue-generation activities.

  • Performance Management

    Assess how well employees are doing against their goals to help drive revenue and growth within your organization, and/or what they contribute to driving out costs.

Re-Imagine Your Recruiting Style

We place a magnifying glass under your candidates t see who will rise to the top, and who would barely scratch the surface on your open positions.


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