Buried Treasure: LeadMD helps Accenture uncover additional prospect lines & offerings to boost revenues.

Partnership is often a difficult road and choosing the wrong partner can really leave a business lost at sea. Accenture knew they needed to find the right partner to help them enter the Marketo services space, they chose wisely.


A brave new (digital) world, a critical partnership to navigate it all.

Accenture is one of the world's largest and most successful professional services organizations.

When their clients began to approach them about supporting an emerging leader in the marketing automation space, Marketo, they weren't sure how to best support the need. Marketing automation can be a complex web of technology and manpower but the desire for help on the Marketo platform was growing everyday.

The problem? Accenture knew they couldn't compromise their standards of quality but opportunities were likely to die on the vine, or worse, fall to a competitor if they waited to completely onboard and train their own staff. That's when they met LeadMD.



Accenture finds the key to rapid market monetization, success.

Accenture knew they had to act fast to capitalize on market conditions but were unwilling to compromise quality to meet the aggressive timelines their customers required.

LeadMD was able to work with the Accenture Digital team to formulate an augmentation plan. Initially LeadMD and Accenture targeted a BETA client, a hyper-growth healthcare technology provider to build their relationship around.

Not only did Accenture and LeadMD succeed in successfully implementing Marketo but soon after LeadMD was tapped to once again help the initial client implement the Sales Cloud CRM. Accenture has a tried and true CRM practice but still LeadMD was chosen due to their deep experience with both Marketo, SFDC and their integrations. 


All the way to the bank.

What began as an experiment soon blossomed into not only a valid, but thriving business line.

Accenture and LeadMD soon tackled project after project, working with some of the largest clients in the Accenture portfolio to create revenue engines centered around Marketo. Soon Accenture was not only gaining additional business from existing clients but also prospecting new business lines based on the emerging Marketo practice.

Soon, in addition to implementation services, the joint offering expanded to include integrations, ongoing operational staff augmentation, buyer persona development, and content and creative services. The resource ecosystem needs surrounding Marketo were strong and Accenture's new partnership allowed them to capitalize on these needs in record time. Before long the partnership had netted over 2M in additional revenues which could not have previously been realized.


"LeadMD was the tip of the spear of our entry into the Marketo ecosystem, since then they have become an invaluable ingedient of our success."

Ryan Walzer

Digital Practice Lead