Marketo Empowers ACI to See and Do More Than Ever Before

What happens when the enterprise empowers its larger teams with technology originally 
designed to make it easy for smaller, SMB-sized teams to compete with them? ACI finds out.


Scale brings complexity.

ACI Worldwide is the Universal Payments (UP) company, serving over 5,000 organizations around the world. You don't get much more complex than executing over US$14 trillion in payments and securities every day.

As the size of the organization increases, the number of moving parts, stakeholders, and decision makers increases with it. Data grows exponentially. Tech stacks become evermore complex and deeply entrenched. Add extensive governance requirements and you have a sense of the complex problems faced by the modern enterprise. Complex problems can lead to complex solutions—but they don't have to.

When ACI wanted to optimize their global marketing and sales efforts through improved lifecycle reporting, they found their existing system, Eloqua, made things far too difficult. Already familiar with Marketo and LeadMD, ACI reached out to begin their move, knowing the transition would be smooth and efficient.



Implementing a highly collaborative process.

As a result of an extensive discovery process, LeadMD & ACI stakeholders built comprehensive requirements for the migration. ACI, already well-versed on their technology stack, took a hands-on, highly collaborative approach to their partnership with LeadMD. This allowed for a relatively quick and painless transition.

All concerned parties came to the table as data was mapped, cleaned, and migrated. Programs were designed, built, and tested in a development sandbox to ensure flawless functionality before entering their production environment. Special training programs were created and delivered to ACI end users around the world, allowing them to hit the ground running. 


Incredible visibility.

Today, ACI leadership reaps the benefits of a highly visible, integrated system. Buyer journeys are mapped end-to-end, with seamless data flow between systems on a global scale. Their marketing and sales teams now unite around defined lifecycles, supporting each other's pipeline efforts.

Now fully up and running on Marketo—completely free of Eloqua (and on schedule)—ACI is leveraging seamless data flow between systems, more effective lead scoring, and best-of-breed visibility into their marketing operations.

It turns out the system originally designed for small teams is even more powerful in the hands of enterprise teams. Teams already skilled in complex systems find themselves empowered by technology to do more than ever before.


“The thought of making a major platform transition can be a bit intimidating, LeadMD provided us with a solid plan from the start and ultimately made it a smooth transition. Having Marketo in place allows our team to focus on Marketing and not cumbersome technology.”

Andrew Cox

Vice President
Digital Marketing and Operations