Turning Healthcare Marketing into Meaningful Results

Streamlining processes in order to develop longstanding strategic capabilities, scalability, and diverse skillsets.


Mastering the Marketo Learning Curve

CareFusion – now BD – works globally with customers to help them improve medication management, lower costs in procedural areas, reduce risk of infection, advance the care of ventilated patients and turn endless healthcare data into actionable information. Marketing such diverse product lines requires a complex ecosystem involving multiple buyer personas, nurture programs, lead sources and content programs. The potential for tangled work processes and missed opportunities is high.

The team hoped that a strategic Marketo implementation could help the company streamline its workflows, create high-impact campaigns, and keep customers educated on the best solutions for their needs. They also wanted to align sales and marketing more efficiently, and create benchmarks and a Revenue Cycle Model to keep their programs aligned with their goals.

The problem? Unfortunately, the team lacked the time or expertise to dive deep into Marketo to achieve these goals and solve their process challenges. The leadership realized that to maximize Marketo’s potential, they would need help mastering what Kristin Diiorio called “a deep learning curve and a lot of unknowns.” It was the determination to succeed that led them to LeadMD.



Prepping to Climb the Curve

CareFusion’s work with Marketo expert LeadMD had three main goals:

  • Define an overarching strategy
  • Create repeatable, scalable processes
  • Train the CareFusion team with a multitude of new skillsets

Together, the LeadMD and CareFusion teams established benchmarks to produce the most meaningful results possible. With goals in place, they moved on to designing repeatable processes, so they could scale more easily and cut down on development time, this all led to a goal of finding not just more leads, but more quality leads. They also set up a RCM and clear programs for proper lead management.

Once the strategy and processes were set, LeadMD focused on helping designated members of the CareFusion team develop subject matter expertise in certain marketing automation areas, ensuring the team would be comfortable working in every aspect of the platform. CareFusion’s determination to do marketing automation the right way paid off across the board.


From Marketing Automation Beginners to Smart Strategists

As a result of careful planning and process development, the organization enjoys a much faster turnaround time on campaign launches and program implementation. Thanks to the diverse training, what previously took three weeks to turnaround now takes only two days. The best benefit, however, is the tighter alignment between sales & marketing, including a collaborative relationship and richer pipeline with more lead intelligence. Because they have more scoring options and stronger lifecycle management, both teams allocate their resources wisely and excel at driving and nurturing the best leads across all their product lines.

Even LeadMD CEO Justin Gray was impressed, “I’m amazed by the robust execution and how quickly the CareFusion team picked up critical subject matter expertise. In the essence of a true partnership, our teams pulled together to create an exceptionally strong marketing automation ecosystem.” 


“Thanks to LeadMD’s big-picture knowledge and hands-on experience in how other companies and industries have handled marketing automation, we were able to tap that breadth of knowledge and map out strategies, logic, content & program elements."

Avnita Gulati

Senior Manager
Marketing Automation