How Charter Communications found consistent processes that save time & increase opportunities.

Charter Communications now has an entirely new demand generation strategy, 
resulting in more leads that are better qualified and more lucrative deals.


A familiar struggle: Implementing Marketo without the optimal Salesforce org.

The telecommunications space, where Charter operates, is a legacy industry, one with many old habits that are dying a painful and all-too-often too slow death.

Charter used Salesforce for many years before making the decision to apply a layer of marketing automation on top of it. Unfortunately, years of leadership changes coupled with corporate red tape had led to a Salesforce instance that many felt needed a tune up. 

As a result, the state of their Salesforce instance directly impacted the launch of Marketo as a downstream system. 

The problem? A technical integration between a suboptimal Salesforce and Marketo is a huge task for an organization of Charter’s size. Plus, was Salesforce in any condition to even be integrated with?



People, process, technology: Making up for lost time and tactics.

Charter's technical implementation required close collaboration between LeadMD and Charter's sizable Salesforce, IT and QA teams.

The strategic implementation required collaboration with marketing, sales and operations to create proper processes for Salesforce and Marketo.

LeadMD worked with all stakeholders to take baby steps and create a plan that didn't try to boil the ocean, but instead aimed to provide key wins quickly and consistently. 


Personal relationships, deeper buyer trust, and larger deals.

One of the more aggressive goals set early in the project was to integrate Marketo with Salesforce within 30 days. Charter's leadership team knew this key win would showcase Marketo's power and drove internal and external team towards that deadline. As a result, Charter and LeadMD had Marketo integrated and wowing all stakeholders on time and within budget.

As a result of this experience, Charter decided to leverage LeadMD's experience on an ongoing basis with an Extended Management agreement. This engagement provides Charter with strategic guidance as well as day-to-day execution and best practices.


"Though I like to drive strategy at Charter, we need someone that can provide guidance and not just say yes to anything that we propose. On top of that, we need a competent execution arm that we don’t have to constantly correct. Both of these elements have been key in our successful partnership with LeadMD."

JT Bricker

Director, Marketing
Enterprise and Strategic Markets, Charter Communications