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Bridging the Gap: How CME Group taps LeadMD to fill expertise gaps and bolster internal marketing efforts.

With better data practices and consistency across internal teams, CME Group now functions with a seamlessly running globally united platform.


A single person held the keys to the Marketo Kingdom.

When a primary Marketo resource leaves, it’s pretty uncommon for that person to share any knowledge with the greater team.

Rather than take a chance on another individual resource, CME Group set out to find a trusted partner. LeadMD was introduced as a way to fill the knowledge gaps left by a departing expert.

What LeadMD uncovered was something that’s all-too-common: Marketo was not built to scale. As a result, the Marketo platform was viewed as disposable by the larger organization.

The problem? The powerful capabilities of Marketo were effectively being used as an email platform with limited strategy to help a global organization scale and measure marketing operations.



CME Group leveraged Extended Management with LeadMD to provide deeper expertise and a well-rounded set of skills.

What started as a quest to provide Marketo support and streamline the email process quickly turned into a quest to build value in the platform organization-wide.

That started with ensuring that the right people were in place to help leverage the system.

LeadMD provided skill set assessments, hiring questionnaires and even sat in on interviews to ensure the right people were joining the team. Once the pieces were in place, the shift to organizational wide acceptance and adoption took place.


Agreement: Stronger relationships, deeper buyer trust, and larger deals.

LeadMD relied on proven best practices, developed over the course of seeing 2,800 Marketo instances, to help CME Group understand, implement and execute a best practices email marketing framework.

A key part of this was creating a documented process for email best practices as well as a template and campaign library. This process can be leveraged by the global marketing team, saving time and money and helping everyone stay on the same page.

The result? Greatly increased efficiency from CME Group’s previous marketing efforts in Marketo.


"LeadMD helped us realize how to leverage the investment made in Marketo. Without them, we would have jumped ship and probably failed on another tool, wasting even more time and money."

Sarah Parker

Executive Director
Marketing Operations
CME Group