Comcast Spotlight


Creating a More Robust and Unified
System Through Training Best Practices, for Today's Leading Media & Television Organization.

Comcast Spotlight partnered with LeadMD to organize their regions with marketing automation know-hows.


An Unpaved Road Ahead: New Tech Needs New Processes

Comcast Spotlight, a division of Comcast Cable, provides multi-screen video advertising solutions for local and regional businesses in the US. Comcast Spotlight creates hyper-relevant advertising experiences by allowing businesses to target consumers based on geographic location and demographics.

The Comcast Spotlight team was looking to venture into the vast and exciting world of marketing automation, the first stop on their journey was, of course, the decision in adopting Marketo as their vehicle for the ride ahead.

The problem? As a larger organization with many moving pieces, implementing a new platform like Marketo is no easy task. Comcast Spotlight had 100+ decentralized employees in marketing, but had no marketing automation expert.

This sizable team of marketers had a varying level of understanding in digital email marketing topics, like email best practices, content marketing, and analytics, but wasn't utilizing them to their full potential.



A Journey Traveled Together: Strategic Partners & Trusted Educators

Director of Digital Marketing at Comcast Spotlight, Stefanie Smentek, knew that the journey to marketing automation adoption wasn't one that should be traveled alone. Comcast Spotlight worked with Marketo Professional Services to oversee a complex integration with their CRM. Spotlight chose LeadMD to help with strategic planning and training. Together, the teams:

  • Identified knowledge & process gaps across the company's decentralized organization
  • Developed training to bridge those gaps
  • Defined an overarching communication strategy between corporate and regional offices
  • Created best practice program template for regional marketers

With the goals laid out, LeadMD pushed forward to make those desires a reality and as a result of surveying & working diligently with both stakeholders & dozens of Comcast Spotlight marketers, they were now able to successfully identify marketing knowledge gaps & create a plan of attack to fill that gap.


A Paved Road with Signs Pointing to Success

In less than a year, Comcast Spotlight rolled out Marketo to more than 100 marketers across the United States; creating a centralized tool the teams could rally around. LeadMD led the charge to ensure these marketers had the training they required to get started with Marketo.

Adopting a centralized tool created unification for the Comcast Spotlight brand, decreased costs by eliminating many local email vendors, and created a centralized reporting platform where the company could accurately understand what marketing initiatives perform the best.