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Better together: LeadMD helps DaVita consolidate dated systems & bridge critical gaps

Learn how LeadMD supported DaVita, health & kidney care, through segmentation nurture and so much more, resulting in less confusion for the sales team and more time with patients and physicians.


Getting global teams up to date and on the same page.

DaVita Healthcare Partners is a Fortune 500 company that, through operating divisions, provides a variety of health care services to patient populations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

DaVita’s sales and marketing organization needed to capture and organize all data relevant to each type of patient or physician, to ensure they receive only information relevant to their specific needs.

The problem? While DaVita’s Kidney Care division utilized Marketo for many years, the larger organization had not adopted CRM and marketing automation technology. In fact, sales teams were relying on systems they’d been using for 25 years.



Structure brings sweet release from spreadsheet hell.

DaVita knew they needed help with their processes, but also knew they would need tactical and strategic guidance for long after the initial work was done. Given these needs, the DaVita team chose to engage the LeadMD team on a monthly retainer. The first order of business was to create structure, using Marketo's workspaces and lead partitions, to prevent confusion and over marketing to patients.

Next, the teams focused on optimizing events. DaVita's regional field marketing teams were managing over 500 events with a 100-column spreadsheet. Imagine the time and heartache involved in that process! To solve this problem, LeadMD and DaVita implemented a Marketo nurture strategy that manages lead creation through follow-up email sends.

With these and many other process transformations, DaVita’s teams were able to gather, sort and quickly use information collected years ago by reps all the way through real-time data collected at events. 


Partners in revenue.

As a result of their partnership with LeadMD, DaVita Healthcare Partners has brought their sales organization into the modern day. Despite working in an industry that is famously difficult to navigate and change, DaVita implemented a cutting-edge marketing automation system across their entire 10,000-employee business. 

A consolidation of data, systems, and practices has provided greater visibility and better communication with patients and physicians. LeadMD and DaVita worked to bring data in from disparate sources, including handwritten Rolodexes and personal Excel files, so all teams can work from a central, secure system. 

The result: DaVita’s entire business has a strong foundation for continued growth as sales and marketing continue to change. With ongoing management, DaVita knows they can trust LeadMD for tactical and strategic consultation, training, documentation and more.


Working with the LeadMD team has been great. I cannot say enough how valuable you guys have been to our organization. Everyone on the team is so responsive and intelligent – I’ve learned a ton from everyone we've had the fortune of working with!

Ana Neumann

Marketing Operations
DaVita Healthcare Partners