Transitioning together: LeadMD helps Extole improve their tech stack, resulting in an 88% increase in marketing qualified leads.

Finding the right fit to develop a new structure for multiple aspects of your company isn't easy.
Extole understood that and that's why they went with LeadMD to get everything in check.


Re-Engineering: Changing the current structure using Marketo for renewed growth.

Extole helps other companies elevate their brand visibility and attract new customers using referral marketing programs.

They decided that their marketing infrastructure needed assistance. To stimulate growth, Extole had to not only retool its product and deliver via a cloud model, but it also needed to nurture that growth through cutting edge digital marketing technology and methodologies.

The problem? Extole needed development in several areas: lead nurturing, marketing the business through targeted messaging, and cleaner data in its pipeline. The company wanted better reporting capabilities and a more efficient campaign generation system as well as a tighter alignment between the sales and marketing departments.



Extole gets the CRM system it desires by partnering with LeadMD.

Extole was already using Salesforce.com, and its search for a marketing automation vendor to pair with its existing CRM system led to LeadMD. After discussing specific company goals, LeadMD introduced the Extole team to the benefits of Marketo.

LeadMD’s early efforts of eliminating duplicate leads, helping to identify dead-end leads, and those that had gone cold saved Extole a lot of time. The implementation team also assisted in the revamping of Extole's quarterly lead scoring, ensuring that the values were assigned accurately. LeadMD onboarded Extole employees to use Marketo correctly and efficiently.

As Extole’s Marketo expertise grows, its marketing team is making plans to create more content and release new websites – all empowered by marketing automation features, brought on by LeadMD, that allow them to develop relevant content based on accurate customer data.


A flourishing partnership for CRM and growth.

Extole had Salesforce, but it wasn't being used effectively. Pairing it with Marketo provided a new and more cohesive system.

With the help of LeadMD, Extole experienced a 28% decrease in email unsubscribes, 25% decrease in time taken to qualify, and an 8.3% increase in email opening rate.

Extole also completed a full Marketo implementation, with a now stronger pipeline and cleaner data. Furthermore, they experienced a renewed consistency in messaging through CRM & Marketing Automation. This has given them the ability to run a full marketing calendar with one employee, freeing up others in the process and just another benefit experienced from their new CRM system.

Jen Gray

"Because of LeadMD, we have templates that allow me to get anything up and running – an ad, an email, an event – in twenty minutes."

Jen Gray

Director of Marketing