Content marketeers: How InEight leans on LeadMD to produce the valuable content their buyers desire.

InEight needed a way to create high-value demand generating assets for many different channels without
taxing internal resources. They partnered with LeadMD to bring the creative in buckets.


Content conundrum: How to create demand generating assets with limited internal creative resources?

InEight combines proven software technology with a unified vision to help companies visualize, estimate, manage, control and connect all aspects of capital and maintenance projects.

InEight only had one large webinar each month for demand generation. Internal resources were not available to produce strategic content month-over-month.

The problem? A lack of content variety caused InEight to miss opportunities to nurture, educate and engage prospects and increase MQLs.



Creating a global content strategy based on breaking large webinar content into consumable pieces that resonate with all buyer personas.

InEight needed a way to create content that would cover many different channels without having to continuously create all new content for these channels.

Necessity is the mother of invention. LeadMD developed a strategy that revolved around maximizing existing webinar content. The LeadMD and InEight teams worked closely to develop new messaging and diverse assets for each monthly webinar topic. 

LeadMD’s Creative Services team was able to create multiple pieces of gated content based off InEight's existing resources. Content produced included infographics, eBooks, white papers, checklists, custom illustrations and more.


A fully deployed content marketing strategy designed to attract and retain more customers.

InEight's new content strategy, featuring multiple layers of gated content, helped to create a buying audience who is much more educated, engaged and qualified. They are also empowered to deploy assets that attract and retain customers. 

No longer does InEight rely on a single webinar to drive demand. LeadMD and InEight now produce 4 highly-targeted content assets per month that can be deployed throughout the entire sales cycle.

This initiative was able to increase the number of Marketing Qualified Leads and overall pipeline production.


"The LeadMD creative team has taken the reins and run with our content. We don't have the internal bandwith to put out the quality and content they help us with each month. We continue to lean on them more and more for content creation and strategy."

Brock Nowell

Director of Demand Generation