Healthcare Work

The Med Device Marketer's Conundrum:

How do you provide a world-class customer experience, when you don't have their data?

Learn how we work with med device companies to campaign successfully direct to patients.


Data Silos

Medical device marketers have a unique challenge in their quest to provide an effective omni-channel experience for patients due in part to patients' data living in the purchase channels (clinicians, hospitals, retailers) instead of within your company. 

This big challenge can feel overwhelming, but by leveraging small wins we can incrementally improve our customer experience. 

Data Silos

The Solution

One of the best ways to demonstrate a compelling business case for the integration of data and systems is by showcasing the power of data through campaigning. Below outlines the work we recently completed with a large medical device company.

Strategic Drivers

Establishing Why

Planning Drivers

Determining How

Tactical Deliverables

What We Produced

Analyze Quantitative Customer Data

We reviewed all the research the client already had on patients

Perform 1st Party Reserach

Leveraging state-of-the-art research tools we collected insights directly from customers

Analyze Customer Insights

Utilizing data aggregation and visualization tools, we pulled insights from the data to inform planning

Messaging & Positioning

How do we communicate our value to patients?

Outline Campaign Channels & Assets

What mediums best enable us to communicate with patients?

Define Roles & Responsibilities

Who does what to make all this magic come together?


Utilizing a new Marketo landing page template, we create five webpages

Nurture Streams

We built robust follow-up automation for email campaigning. 

Animated Advertisements

Our creative leaders had a blast creating various animated social media ads to grab customers' attention


Revenue and Patient Data

The campaigns had two main goals:

  1. Drive revenue during Q4
  2. Collect data on existing patients to leverage later

The result? 

  1. Revenue growth of over $1MM over three months
  2. Over 5,000 new "registered" patients

This medical device company has since been able to leverage this patient data to cross-sell and collect further success data to inform product, marketing and sales. Forget knowledge, data is power.