Scaling Up: Quri wanted to implement a world-class Account Based Marketing process. LeadMD was there to make it a reality.

Bridging the gaps between strategy, tactics, and operations to ensure success.


Absent: Providing marketing expertise when there is no marketing division in a rapidly growing company.

Quri is a software company that incentivizes consumers to take pictures of products and merchandising displays while shopping, which it then reports back to the product provider. Quri's gamification model is causing exponential growth for the provider as a result of this retail intelligence, which is critical to maintaining quality and brand standards.

Quri had the typical early startup feel, with hardly any coordinated efforts toward marketing. They knew that they were a prime candidate for an account-based marketing strategy company, but didn't know how to get it operationalized without dealing with things like "consultant syndrome".

The problem? Quri had virtually no marketing process. Any real scalable methodology was missing altogether, including most aspects of the Marketo platform. LeadMD was brought on to provide strategic guidance and operationalization in the development of a scalable ABM go to market strategy.



Developing the team in a quick timespan, while maintaining quality.

Quri simultaneously hired LeadMD, and advisory firm TOPO, to build and oversee the creation of the new marketing team with a very focused account-based marketing strategy and operations project within a short timeframe.

LeadMD was able to help provide tactical guidance for Quri, in order to make sure everything being assembled strategically could be implemented successfully in practice. LeadMD provided the bridge between strategy & tactics, as well as operations, especially when it came to ABM process - a hot methodology for targeting specific buyers with hyper-personalization. 

LeadMD provided the guidelines not only for the Marketo marketing backbone but also for a best in class CRM structure to ensure every aspect of Quri's ABM approach was transparent to it's sales team.


A marketing team to manage anything.

At project inception, Quri had no marketing team whatsoever, a big barrier to it's goals of scalability. TOPO, LeadMD and Quri immediately began the development of a well-structured internal team. This structure and hiring guidance along with ABM process, was the largest success of the partnership.

The synergy between Salesforce, Marketo, creative, and content encompass an end-to-end system that runs smoothly and efficiently. As a result of the project, Quri became a shining pillar of success, with its ability to execute campaigns with minimal resources.

Quri went from having 0% influence in the company's pipeline to an astounding 40-50%, thanks to the efforts of LeadMD. Quri experienced a 10x increase in the number of marketing engaged industry contacts in just 90 days. By adding critical structure around people and process, Quri was able to leverage their existing technology stack in ways few organizations are accomplishing today.


"Where I really think I valued LeadMD the most, was in helping make sure that our database was operationalized, and specifically, what our instance in Salesforce needed to look like."

James Lamberti

Chief Marketing Officer