Partners in revenue: Yodlee loses Marketing Ops Director, LeadMD steps in to provide consistency.

Deep Marketo expertise is hard to find. When you do, it’s tough to keep.


Yikes: Maintaining Marketo in the face of position turnover.

Yodlee is a software company that develops an account aggregation service that allows users to see their credit card, bank, investment, email, travel reward accounts, etc. on one screen.

Unfortunately, in a span of less than 12 months, Yodlee lost three Marketo-specific resources. The marketing department had also become tactically ahead of the sales department, yet had to constantly justify demand generation efforts. Yodlee needed someone to bring everyone together.

The problem? One of the most critical items for success with Marketo is defined, consistent processes. Luckily, LeadMD was able to step in and prevent what could become a nasty cycle.



To go from conflict to constant, Yodlee chooses ongoing support from LeadMD

In the face of personnel changes, Yodlee decided to leverage a retainer engagement with LeadMD to provide strategic guidance and tactical advantage. LeadMD and Yodlee have executed several projects, including:

Strategic: Complete revamp of lead lifecycle and RCM
Technical: Updated SFDC security for Sarbines-Oxley compliance
Tactical: Implementing and executing a demand generation email calendar as well as creating a dozen new email and landing page templates for the Yodlee team. 

Any change or disruption quickly become an afterthought as Yodlee and LeadMD worked in unison to define and shore up existing sales and marketing processes.


A partnership based on revenue.

Previously, Yodlee's marketing team had to justify their demand generation efforts.

Now, with a revamped lead lifecycle and RCM, the Yodlee team has access to benchmark data and other deep reporting. Setting benchmarks allow strategic goals to be set and are an important part of successful Marketo usage.

Employees come and go. With retainer, Yodlee is able to rely on LeadMD is able to fill gaps and onboard new folks. Large-scale initiatives can't be dependent on finding the right person. Not to mention getting them up to speed. For that, you need a partner in revenue.


"I’m glad that we always have LeadMD involved in our business, you guys are the continuity in our demand generation efforts."

David Lee

Chief Marketing Officer