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Alice Walker

Alice Walker LeadMD Marketemy Program Manager

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Alice Walker

Director of Packaged Services

Alice Walker is an endlessly positive Marketer with a passion for content, campaigning, and education.

Throughout her career, she has worn many hats: Technical Writer, Content Lead, Project Manager, and Marketing Consultant. Her work with Marketemy combines her love of both teaching and tech, and she is passionate about converting as many people as possible into MarTech enthusiasts like her.

A Bay Area native, in her spare time Alice can be found spending time with her family in Davis, CA, cheering on the San Francisco Giants, or working on her latest crochet project (often all at once).


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Content Authored by Alice & Others Like Her

Talent Management

Top Three Lessons from A Talent Accelerator Program

Alice Walker / September 5, 2018
Talent Management

The Importance of Being Educational

Data & Business Intelligence

The New Bigger Cost of Bad Data

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