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Caleb Trecek

Practice Lead, Technology and Data | “The Problem Solver”

For Caleb, a good day at the office is comprised of tackling a list of complex system and process-based problems. With over 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing and marketing automation space, he is a master of analyzing complex problems and finding a solution quickly. As Caleb likes to say, “If it isn’t broken, we can probably make it better.” Caleb has extensive experience turning complex business processes into streamlined workflows in systems as well as helping organizations uncover tens of millions of dollars in unrecognized revenue. He is a past member of the elite Marketo Champion group and has lead the Phoenix Marketo user group.

When he’s not solving complex problems or helping clients make a good thing better, you’ll find Caleb watching (or attending) college sporting events with his wife, Anna, and their children. During the Fall there’s a good chance you might see him at Arizona State football games.


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