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David Bauer

Chief Operating Officer

David Bauer, LeadMD’s Chief Operations Officer, has spent most of his career as a CIO and company builder. Starting his career in consulting with Accenture, David’s expertise was making companies scale by building enterprise systems and processes. After 12 years with Accenture, David was recruited by a small company at the time, Copart, as their CIO to build their enterprise system. David’s system, and patented technology VB2, helped Copart grow from $50m to over $2B in sales and $8B market cap. Just prior to joining LeadMD, David helped a start-up in Chicago, Snapsheet, as employee #7, grow to over 300 staff and millions per month in revenue.

David came to LeadMD to help the firm grow its strategic services and product offerings with the goal of empowering sales and marketing teams to better leverage the myriad of technologies they are inundated with.

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