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Joy Martinez is an Engagement Manager at LeadMD, a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect, and a five-time Marketo Certified Expert. She’s also a business owner and former podcast host! With 15 years of experience in marketing, marketing automation and digital marketing, Joy enjoys transforming marketing from good to great and playing a key role in driving organizational success with marketing automation. She’s worked in all kinds of industries from food & beverage (broker and manufacturer), financial services, information security, transportation, and has consulted in dozens of other industries.

Joy has a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from Western Michigan University. It was in her capstone Business Strategy class that her Egyptian professor told her to “Do good”. From that point on, Joy knew she was destined to make a significant difference in the world and made it her personal mission to coach others in their career, marketing role, and life. This is partly what inspired her to start her own business coaching entrepreneurs on how to leverage their strengths in their business and is what inspires her daily to mentor others and speak or write on topics such strengths development, personal and professional development, high performance, intentional living, marketing, business, and leadership.

She has been a Big Sister Mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program since 2010. She enjoys spending time with her golf-pro husband in their home state of Michigan and is a proud mama to their two boys, as well as their two Shih Tzu pups, Nala and Roxi. Her top 10 StrengthsFinder® talent themes are: Maximizer, Responsibility, Relator, Learner, Achiever, Futuristic, Significance, Strategic, Input, and Focus.


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