Kate Stephensen Rogers

Kate Stephensen Rogers

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Kate Stephensen Rogers

Vice President, People | The "People Person"

Kate is passionate about people and startups. With a career dedicated to building companies and communities, she encourages others to harness their unique strengths and potential. Naturally, she navigates to companies with a people-first mindset, which is front and center at LeadMD. She prides herself on building and shaping companies through culture, building authentic teams, coaching leaders, and developing and enhancing programs that empower people as the business scales and grows.

Along those same lines, Kate lends her time and talent to support many local nonprofit and community organizations and entrepreneurs. She is a proud leader and facilitator for PHX Startup Week and #ThrivePHX. Outside of work, she is also the proud mother of a 5-year-old who is a constant reminder of the importance of inspiring the next generations of future leaders and innovators and celebrating the daily joys of life. She's known for her approachability, authenticity, enthusiasm and natural ability to bring out "the fun" in groups she leads.

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